The Selection #1 – Kiera Cass – Chapter 5


Chapter 5

A WEEK LATER, I BEAT Aspen to the tree house.

It took a bit of work to get the things I wanted up there in silence, but I managed. I rearranged the plates one last time as I heard someone climbing the tree.


Aspen started and laughed. I lit the new candle Id purchased just for us. He crossed the tree house to kiss me, and after a moment, I started talking about all that had happened during the week.

I never got to tell you about the sign-ups, I said, excited about the news.

Howd it go? Mom said it was packed.

It was crazy, Aspen. You should have seen what people were wearing! And Im sure you know that its less of a lottery than theyre claiming. So I was right all along. There are far more interesting people to choose in Carolina than me, so this was all a big nothing.

All the same, thank you for doing it. It means a lot to me. His eyes were still focused on me. He hadnt even bothered looking around the tree house. Drinking me in, like always.

Well, the best part is that since my mother had no idea Id already promised you, she bribed me to sign up. I couldnt contain my smile. This week families had already started throwing parties for their daughters, sure that they would be the one chosen for the Selection. Id sung at no less than seven celebrations, packing two into a night for the sake of getting my own paychecks. And Mom was true to her word. It felt liberating to have money that was mine.

Bribed you? With what? His face was lit with excitement.

Money, of course. Look, I made you a feast! I pulled away from him and started grabbing plates. Id made too much dinner on purpose to save him some, and Id been baking pastries for days. May and I both had a terrible addiction to sweets anyway, and she was jubilant that this was how I was choosing to spend my money.

Whats all this?

Food. I made it myself. I was beaming with pride at my efforts. Finally, tonight, Aspen could be full. But his smile faded as he took in plate after plate.

Aspen, is something wrong?

This isnt right. He shook his head and looked away from the treats.

What do you mean?

America, Im supposed to be providing for you. Its humiliating for me to come here and have you do all this for me.

But I give you food all the time.

Your little leftovers. You think I dont know better? I dont feel bad about taking something you dont want. But to have youIm supposed to—”

Aspen, you give me things all the time. You provide for me. I have all my pen—”

Pennies? You think bringing that up now is a good idea? Dont you know how much I hate that? That I love to hear you sing but cant really pay you when everyone else does?

You shouldnt pay me at all! Its a gift. Anything of mine you want you can have! I knew we needed to be careful to keep our voices down. But at the moment I didnt care.

Im not some charity case, America. Im a man. Im supposed to be a provider.

Aspen put his hands in his hair. I could see his breaths coming fast. Just like always, he was thinking his way through the argument. But this time, there was something different in his eyes. Instead of his face growing focused, it fell into confusion one millimeter at a time. My anger faded quickly as I saw him there, looking so lost. I felt guilty instead. I had meant to spoil him, not humiliate him.

I love you, I whispered.

He shook his head.

I love you, too, America. But he still wouldnt look at me. I picked up some of the bread Id made and put it in his hand. He was too hungry not to take a bite.

I didnt mean to hurt you. I thought it would make you happy.

No, Mer, I love it. I cant believe you did all this for me. Its just you dont know how much it bothers me that I cant do this for you. You deserve better. Mercifully, he kept eating as he spoke.

Youve got to stop thinking of me that way. When its just you and me, Im not a Five and youre not a Six. Were just Aspen and America. And I dont want anything in the world but you.

But I cant stop thinking that way. He looked at me. Thats how I was raised. Since I was little, it was Sixes are born to serve and Sixes arent meant to be seen. My whole life, Ive been taught to be invisible. He grabbed my hand in a viselike grip. If were together, Mer, youre going to be invisible, too. And I dont want that for you.

Aspen, weve talked about this. I know that things will be different, and Im prepared. I dont know how to make it any clearer. I put my hand on his heart. The moment youre ready to ask, Im ready to say yes.

It was terrifying to put myself out there like that, to make it absolutely clear how deep my affections ran. He knew what I was saying. But if making myself vulnerable meant hed be brave, Id endure it. His eyes searched mine. If he was looking for doubt, he was wasting his time. Aspen was the one thing I was sure of.



No. The word felt like a slap across the face.


I dont know how I fooled myself into ever thinking this would work. He ran his fingers through his hair again, like he was trying to get all the thoughts hed ever had about me out of his head.

But you just said you loved me.

I do, Mer. Thats the point. I cant make you like me. I cant stand the thought of you hungry or cold or scared. I cant make you a Six.

I felt the tears coming. He didnt mean that. He couldnt. But before I could tell him to take it back, Aspen was already moving to crawl out of the tree house.

Where where are you going?

Im leaving. Im going home. Im sorry I did this to you, America. Its over now.


Its over. I wont come around anymore. Not like this.

I started crying. Aspen, please. Lets talk about this. Youre just upset.

Im more upset than you know. But not at you. I just cant do this, Mer. I cant.

Aspen, please…”

He pulled me in tight and kissed mereally kissed meone last time. Then he disappeared into the night. And because this country is the way it is, because of all the rules that had kept us in hiding, I couldnt even call out after him. I couldnt tell him I loved him one more time.

As the next few days passed, I knew my family could tell that something was wrong, but they must have assumed I was nervous about the Selection. I wanted to cry a thousand times, but held it back. I just pushed on to Friday, hoping that everything would go back to normal after the Capital Report broadcast the names.

I dreamed it up in my head. How they would announce Celia or Kamber, and my mother would be disappointed, but not as disappointed as she would have been if it was a stranger. Dad and May would be excited for them; our families were close. I knew Aspen had to be thinking about me like Id been thinking about him. I bet hed be over here before the program was over, begging me for forgiveness and asking for my hand. It would be a little premature, since there was nothing guaranteed for the girls, but he could capitalize on the general excitement of the day. It would probably smooth a lot of things over.

In my head, it worked out perfectly. In my head, everyone was happy

It was ten minutes until the Report came on, and we were all in place early. I couldnt imagine we were alone in not wanting to miss a second of this announcement.

I remember when Queen Amberly was chosen! Oh, I knew from the beginning she would make it. Mom was making popcorn, as if this were a movie.

Did you go in the lottery, Mama? Gerad asked.

No, sweetie, Mama was two years too young for the cutoff. But lucky me, I got your father instead. She smiled and winked.

Whoa. She must have been in a good mood. I couldnt remember the last time she was that affectionate toward Dad.

Queen Amberly is the best queen ever. Shes so beautiful and smart. Every time I see her on TV, I want to be just like her, May said with a sigh.

She is a good queen, I added quietly.

Finally eight oclock rolled around, and the national emblem rose on the screen along with the instrumental version of our anthem. Was I actually trembling? I was so ready for this to be over.

The king appeared and gave a brief update on the war. The other announcements were also short. It seemed like everyone there was in a good mood. I guessed this must be exciting for them, too.

Finally the Master of Events came up and introduced Gavril, who walked straight over to the royal family.

Good evening, Your Majesty, he said to the king.

Gavril, always good to see you. The king was borderline giddy.

Looking forward to the announcement?

Ah, yes. I was in the room yesterday as a few were drawn; all very lovely girls.

So you know who they are already? Gavril exclaimed.

Just a few, just a few.

Did he happen to share any of this information with you, sir? Gavril turned to Maxon.

Not at all. Ill see them when everyone else does, Maxon replied. You could see he was trying to hide his nerves.

I realized my palms were sweating.

Your Majesty, Gavril went over to the queen. Any advice for the Selected?

She smiled her serene smile. I didnt know what the other women looked like when she went through the Selection, but I couldnt imagine anyone being as graceful and lovely as her.

Enjoy your last night as an average girl. Tomorrow, no matter what, your life will be different forever. And its old advice, but its good: Be yourself.

Wise words, my queen, wise words. And with that, let us reveal the thirty-five young ladies chosen for the Selection. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating the following Daughters of Illéa!

The screen changed to the national emblem. In the upper right-hand corner, there was a small box with Maxons face, to see his reactions as the pictures went across the monitor. He would already be making decisions about them, the way we all would.

Gavril had a set of cards in his hands, ready to read out the names of the girls whose worlds, according to the queen, were about to change forever.

Miss Elayna Stoles of Hansport, Three. A photo of a tiny girl with porcelain skin popped up. She looked like a lady. Maxon beamed.

Miss Tuesday Keeper of Waverly, Four. A girl with freckles appeared. She looked older, more mature. Maxon whispered something to the king.

Miss Fiona Castley of Paloma, Three. A brunette with smoldering eyes this time. Maybe my age, but she seemed more experienced.

I turned to Mom and May on the couch. Doesnt she seem awfully—”

Miss America Singer of Carolina, Five.

I whipped my head back around, and there it was. The picture of me just after Id found out Aspen was saving up to marry me. I looked radiant, hopeful, beautiful. I looked like I was in love. And some idiot thought that love was for Prince Maxon.

Mom screamed by my ear, and May jumped up, sending popcorn everywhere. Gerad got excited too and started dancing. Dad its hard to say, but I think he was secretly smiling behind his book.

I missed what Maxons expression was.

The phone rang.

And it didnt stop for days.


The Selection #1 – Kiera Cass – Chapter 4


Chapter 4

IT WAS FRIDAY, SO THE Illea Capital Report would be on at eight. We werent exactly obligated to watch, but it was unwise to miss it. Even Eightsthe homeless, the wanderingwould find a store or a church where they could see the Report. And with the Selection coming up, the Report was more than a semi-requirement. Everyone wanted to know what was happening in that department.

Do you think theyll announce the winners tonight? May asked, stuffing mashed potatoes into her mouth.

No, dear. Everyone whos eligible still has nine days to submit their applications. Itll probably be two more weeks until we know. Moms voice was the calmest it had been in years. She was completely at ease, pleased to have gotten something she really wanted.

Aw! I cant stand the wait, May complained.

She couldnt stand the wait? It was my name in the pot!

Your mother tells me you had quite a long wait in line. I was surprised Dad wanted in on this conversation.

Yeah, I said. I wasnt expecting that many girls. I dont know why theyre giving people nine more days; I swear everyone in the province has already gone in.

Dad chuckled. Did you have fun gauging the competition?

Didnt bother, I said honestly. I left that to Mom.

She nodded in agreement. I did, I did. I couldnt help it. But I think America looked good. Polished but natural. You are so beautiful, honey. If they really are looking through instead of picking at random, you have an even better chance than I thought.

I dont know, I hedged. There was that girl who had on so much red lipstick she looked like she was bleeding. Maybe the prince likes that kind of thing.

Everyone laughed, and Mom and I continued to regale them with commentary on the outfits wed noticed. May drank it all in, and Gerad just sat smiling between bites of dinner. Sometimes it was easy to forget that as long as Gerad had been able to really understand the world around him, things had been stressful in our house.

At eight we all piled into the living roomDad in his chair, May next to Mom on the couch with Gerad on her lap, and me on the floor all stretched outand turned the TV to the public access channel. It was the one channel you didnt have to pay to have, so even the Eights could get it if they had a TV.

The anthem played. Maybe its silly, but I always loved our national anthem. It was one of my favorite songs to sing.

The picture of the royal family came into view. Standing at a podium was King Clarkson. His advisers, who had updates on infrastructure and some environmental concerns, were seated to one side, and the camera cut to show them. It looked like there would be several announcements tonight. On the left of the screen, the queen and Prince Maxon sat in their typical cluster of thronelike seats and elegant clothes, looking regal and important.

Theres your boyfriend, Ames, May announced, and everyone laughed.

I looked closely at Maxon. I guess he was handsome in his own way. Not at all like Aspen, though. His hair was a honey color, and his eyes were brown. He kind of looked like summertime, which I guess was attractive to some people. His hair was cropped short and neatly done, and his gray suit was perfectly fitted to him.

But he sat way too rigidly in his chair. He looked so uptight. His clean hair was too perfect, his tailored suit too crisp. He seemed more like a painting than a person. I almost felt bad for the girl who ended up with him. That would probably be the most boring life imaginable.

I focused on his mother. She looked serene. She sat up in her chair, too, but not in an icy way. I realized that, unlike the king and Prince Maxon, she hadnt grown up in the palace. She was a celebrated Daughter of Illéa. She might have been someone like me.

The king was already talking, but I had to know.

Mom? I whispered, trying not to distract Dad.


The queen what was she? Her caste, I mean.

Mom smiled at my interest. A Four.

A Four. Shed spent her formative years working in a factory or a shop, or maybe on a farm. I wondered about her life. Did she have a large family? She probably hadnt had to worry about food growing up. Were her friends jealous of her when she was chosen? If I had any really close friends, would they be jealous of me?

That was stupid. I wasnt going to be picked.

Instead I focused on the kings words.

Just this morning, another attack in New Asia rocked our bases. It has left our troops slightly outnumbered, but we are confident that with the fresh draft next month will come lifted morale, not to mention a swelling of fresh forces.

I hated war. Unfortunately, we were a young country that had to protect itself against everyone. It wasnt likely this land would survive another invasion.

After the king gave us an update on a recent raid on a rebel camp, the Financial Team updated us on the status of the debt, and the head of the Infrastructure Committee announced that in two years they were planning to start work on rebuilding several highways, some of which hadnt been touched since the Fourth World War. Finally the last person, the Master of Events, came to the podium.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of Illéa. As you all know, notices to participate in the Selection were recently distributed in the mail. We have received the first count of submitted applications, and I am pleased to say that thousands of the beautiful women in Illéa have already placed their names in the lottery for the Selection!

In the back corner Maxon shifted a little in his seat. Was he sweating?

On behalf of the royal family, I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and patriotism. With any luck, by the New Year we will be celebrating the engagement of our beloved Prince Maxon to an enchanting, talented, and intelligent Daughter of Illéa!

The few advisers sitting there applauded. Maxon smiled but looked uncomfortable. When the applause died down, the Master of Events started up again.

Of course, we will be having lots of programming dedicated to meeting the young women of the Selection, not to mention specials on their lives at the palace. We could not think of anyone more qualified to guide us through this exciting time than our very own Mr. Gavril Fadaye!

There was another smattering of applause, but it came from my mom and May this time. Gavril Fadaye was a legend. For something like twenty years hed done running commentary on Grateful Feast parades and Christmas shows and anything they celebrated at the palace. Id never seen an interview with members of the royal family or their closest friends and family done by anyone but him.

Oh, America, you could meet Gavril! Mom crooned.

Hes coming! May said, flailing her little arms.

Sure enough, there was Gavril, sauntering onto the set in his crisp blue suit. He was maybe in his late forties, and he always looked sharp. As he walked across the stage, the light caught on the pin on his lapel, a flash of gold that was similar to the forte signs in my piano music.

Goooood evening, Illéa! he sang. I have to say that I am so honored to be a part of the Selection. Lucky me, I get to meet thirty-five beautiful women! What idiot wouldnt want my job? He winked at us through the camera. But before I get to meet these lovely ladies, one of which will be our new princess, I have the pleasure of speaking with the man of the hour, our Prince Maxon.

With that Maxon walked across the carpeted stage to a pair of chairs set up for him and Gavril. He straightened his tie and adjusted his suit, as if he needed to look more polished. He shook Gavrils hand and sat across from him, picking up a microphone. The chair was high enough that Maxon propped his feet on a bar in the middle of the legs. He looked much more casual that way.

Nice to see you again, Your Highness.

Thank you, Gavril. The pleasure is all mine. Maxons voice was as poised as the rest of him. He radiated waves of formality. I wrinkled my nose at the idea of just being in the same room with him.

In less than a month, thirty-five women will be moving into your house. How do you feel about that?

Maxon laughed. Honestly, it is a bit nerve-racking. Im imagining there will be much more noise with so many guests. Im looking forward to it all the same.

Have you asked dear old dad for any advice on how he managed to get ahold of such a beautiful wife when it was his turn?

Both Maxon and Gavril looked over to the king and queen, and the camera panned over to show them looking at each other, smiling and holding hands. It seemed genuine, but how would we know any better?

I havent actually. As you know, the situation in New Asia has been escalating, and Ive been working with him more on the military side of things. Not much time to discuss girls in there.

Mom and May laughed. I suppose it was kind of funny.

We dont have much time left, so Id like to have one more question. What do you imagine your perfect girl would be like?

Maxon looked taken aback. It was hard to tell, but he may have been blushing.

Honestly, I dont know. I think thats the beauty of the Selection. No two women who enter will be exactly the samenot in looks or preferences or disposition. And through the process of meeting them and talking to them, Im hoping to discover what I want, to find it along the way. Maxon smiled.

Thank you, Your Highness. That was very well said. And I think I speak for all of Illéa when I wish you the best of luck. Gavril held out his hand for another shake.

Thank you, sir, Maxon said. The camera didnt cut away quick enough, and you could see him looking over to his parents, wondering if hed said the right thing. The next shot zoomed in on Gavrils face, so there was no way to see what their response was.

Im afraid thats all the time we have for this evening. Thank you for watching the Illéa Capital Report, and well see you next week.

With that, the music played and credits rolled.

America and Maxon sitting in a tree, sang May. I grabbed a pillow and chucked it at her, but I couldnt help laughing at the thought. Maxon was so stiff and quiet. It was hard to imagine anyone being happy with such a wimp.

I spent the rest of the night trying to ignore Mays teasing, and finally went to my room to be alone. Even the thought of being near Maxon Schreave made me uncomfortable. Mays little jabs stayed in my head all night and made it difficult for me to sleep.

It was hard to pinpoint the sound that woke me, but once I was aware of it, I tried to survey my room in absolute stillness, just in case someone was there.

Tap, tap, tap.

I turned over slowly to face my window, and there was Aspen, grinning at me. I got out of bed and tiptoed to the door, shutting it all the way and locking it. I went back to the bed, unlocking and slowly opening my window.

A rush of heat that had nothing to do with summer swept over me as Aspen climbed through the window and onto my bed.

What are you doing here? I whispered, smiling in the dark.

I had to see you, he breathed into my cheek as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me down until we were lying side by side on the bed.

I have so much to tell you, Aspen.

Shhh, dont say a word. If anyone hears, therell be hell to pay. Just let me look at you.

And so I obeyed. I stayed there, quiet and still, while Aspen stared into my eyes. When he had his fill of that, he went to nuzzling his nose into my neck and hair. And then his hands were moving up and down the curve of my waist to my hip over and over and over. I heard his breathing get heavy, and something about that drew me in.

His lips, hidden in my neck, started kissing me. I drew in sharp breaths. I couldnt help it. Aspens lips traveled up my chin and covered my mouth, effectively silencing my gasps. I wrapped myself around him, our rushed grabbing and the humidity of the night covering us both in sweat.

It was a stolen moment.

Aspens lips finally slowed, though I was nowhere near ready to stop. But we had to be smart. If we went any further, and there was ever evidence of it, wed both be thrown in jail.

Another reason everyone married young: Waiting is torture.

I should go, he whispered.

But I want you to stay. My lips were by his ears. I could smell his soap again.

America Singer, one day you will fall asleep in my arms every night. And youll wake up to my kisses every morning. And then some. I bit my lip at the thought. But now I have to go. Were pushing our luck.

I sighed and loosened my grip. He was right.

I love you, America.

I love you, Aspen.

These secret moments would be enough to get me through everything coming: Moms disappointment when I wasnt chosen, the work Id have to do to help Aspen save, the eruption that was coming when he asked Dad for my hand, and whatever struggles wed go through once we were married. None of it mattered. Not if I had Aspen.

The Selection #1 – Kiera Cass – Chapter 3


Chapter 3

ASPEN WAS DRESSED IN WHITE. He looked angelic. We were in Carolina still, but there was no one else around. We were alone, but we didnt miss anyone. Aspen wove twigs to make me a crown, and we were together.

America, Mom crowed, jarring me from my dreams.

She flicked on the lights, burning my eyes, and I rubbed my hands into them, trying to adjust.

Wake up, America, I have a proposal for you. I looked over at the alarm clock. Just past seven in the morning. So that was five hours in bed.

Is it more sleep? I mumbled.

No, honey, sit up. I have something serious to discuss.

I worked myself into a sitting position, clothes rumpled and hair sticking out in strange directions. Mom clapped her hands over and over, as if it would speed up the process.

Come on, America, I need you to wake up.

I yawned. Twice.

What do you want? I said.

For you to submit your name for the Selection. I think youd make an excellent princess.

It was way too early for this.

Mom, really, I just…” I sighed as I remembered what Id promised Aspen last night: that I would at least try. But now, in the light of day, I wasnt sure if I could make myself do it.

I know youre opposed, but I figured Id make a deal with you to see if you would change your mind.

My ears perked up. What could she possibly offer me?

Your father and I spoke last night, and we decided that youre old enough to go on your jobs alone. You play the piano as well as I do, and if youd try a little more, youd be nearly flawless on the violin. And your voice, well, theres no one better in the province, if you ask me.

I smiled groggily. Thanks, Mom. Really. I didnt particularly care to work alone, though. I didnt see how that was supposed to entice me.

Well, thats not all. You can accept your own work now and go alone and and you can keep half of whatever you make. She sort of grimaced as she said it.

My eyes popped open.

But only if you sign up for the Selection. She was starting to smile now. She knew this would win me over, though I think she was expecting more of a fight. But how could I fight? I was already going to sign up, and now I could earn some money of my own!

You know I can only agree to sign up, right? I cant make them pick me.

Yes, I know. But its worth a shot.

Wow, Mom. I shook my head, still in shock. Okay, Ill fill out the form today. Are you serious about the money?

Of course. Sooner or later youd go out on your own anyway. And being responsible for your own money will be good for you. Only, dont forget your family, please. We still need you.

I wont forget you, Mom. How could I, with all the nagging? I winked, she laughed, and with that, the deal was done.

I took a shower as I processed everything that had happened in less than twenty-four hours. By simply filling out a form, I was winning the approval of my family, making Aspen happy, and earning the money that would help Aspen and me get married!

I wasnt so concerned about the money, but Aspen insisted we needed to have some savings of our own first. It cost a bit to do the legal stuff, and we wanted to have a very small party with our family after our wedding. I figured it wouldnt take very long for us to save for that once we decided we were ready, but Aspen wanted more. Maybe, finally, hed trust that we wouldnt always be strapped if I did some serious work.

After my shower, I did my hair and put on the tiniest bit of makeup to celebrate, then went to my closet and got dressed. There werent a whole lot of options. Most everything was beige, brown, or green. I had a few nicer dresses for when we worked, but they were hopelessly behind in the fashion department. It was like that, though. Sixes and Sevens were almost always in denim or something sturdy. Fives mostly wore bland clothes, as the artists covered everything with smocks and the singers and dancers only really needed to look special for performances. The upper castes would wear khaki and denim from time to time to change up their looks, but it was always in a way that took the material to a whole new level. As if it wasnt enough that they could have pretty much whatever they wanted, they turned our necessities into luxuries.

I put on my khaki shorts and the green tunic topby far the most exciting day clothes I ownedand looked myself over before going into the living room. I felt kind of pretty today. Maybe it was just the excitement behind my eyes.

Mom was sitting at the kitchen table with Dad, humming. They both looked up at me a couple of times, but even their stares couldnt bother me.

When I picked up the letter, I was a little surprised. Such high-quality paper. Id never felt anything like it. Thick and slightly textured. For a moment the weight of the paper hit me, reminding me of the magnitude of what I was doing. Two words jumped into my head: What if?

But I shook the thought away and put pen to paper.

It was straightforward enough. I filled in my name, age, caste, and contact information. I had to put my height and weight, hair, eye, and skin color, too. I was pleased to write that I could speak three languages. Most could speak at least two, but my mother insisted we learn French and Spanish, since those languages were still used in parts of the country. It also helped with the singing. There were so many pretty songs in French. We had to list the highest grade level wed completed, which could vary immensely, since only Sixes and Sevens went to the public schools and had actual grade levels. I was nearly done with my education. Under special skills, I listed singing and all my instruments.

Do you think the ability to sleep in counts as a special skill? I asked Dad, trying to sound torn over the decision.

Yes, list that. And dont forget to write that you can eat an entire meal in under five minutes, he replied. I laughed. It was true; I did tend to inhale my food.

Oh, the both of you! Why dont you just write down that youre an absolute heathen! My mother went storming from the room. I couldnt believe she was so frustratedafter all, she was getting exactly what she wanted.

I gave Dad a questioning look.

She just wants the best for you, thats all. He leaned back in his chair, relaxing a bit before he started on the commissioned piece that was due by the end of the month.

So do you, but youre never so angry, I noted.

Yes. But your mother and I have different ideas of whats best for you. He flashed me a smile. I got my mouth from himboth the look and the tendency to say innocent things that got me into trouble. The temper was Moms doing, but she was better at holding her tongue if it really mattered. Not me. Like right now

Dad, if I wanted to marry a Six or even a Seven, and he was someone I really loved, would you let me?

Dad set his mug down, and his eyes focused on me. I tried not to give anything away with my expression. His sigh was heavy, full of grief.

America, if you loved an Eight, Id want you to marry him. But you should know that love can wear away under the stress of being married. Someone you think you love now, you might start to hate when he couldnt provide for you. And if you couldnt take care of your children, itd be even worse. Love doesnt always survive under those types of circumstances.

Dad rested his hand on top of mine, drawing my eyes up to his. I tried to hide my worry.

But no matter what, I want you to be loved. You deserve to be loved. And I hope you get to marry for love and not a number.

He couldnt say what I wanted to knowthat I would get to marry for love and not a numberbut it was the best I could hope for.

Thanks, Dad.

Go easy on your mother. Shes trying to do the right thing. He kissed my head and went off to work.

I sighed and went back to filling out the application. The whole thing made me feel like my family didnt think I had any right to want something of my own. It bothered me, but I knew I couldnt hold it against them in the long run. We couldnt afford the luxury of wants. We had needs.

I took my finished application and went to find Mom in the backyard. She sat there, stitching up a hem as May did her schoolwork in the shade of the tree house. Aspen used to complain about the strict teachers in the public schools. I seriously doubted any of them could keep up with Mom. It was summer, for goodness sake.

Did you really do it? May asked, bouncing on her knees.

I sure did.

What made you change your mind?

Mom can be very compelling, I said pointedly, though Mom was obviously not ashamed at all of her bribery. We can go to the Services Office as soon as youre ready, Mom.

She smiled a little. Thats my girl. Go get your things, and well head out. I want to get yours in as soon as possible.

I went to grab my shoes and bag as Id been instructed, but I stopped short at Gerads room. He was staring at a blank canvas, looking frustrated. We kept rotating through options with Gerad, but none of them were sticking. One look at the battered soccer ball in the corner or the secondhand microscope wed inherited as payment one Christmas, and it was obvious his heart just wasnt in the arts.

Not feeling inspired today, huh? I asked, stepping into his room.

He looked up at me and shook his head.

Maybe you could try sculpting, like Kota. You have great hands. I bet youd be good at it.

I dont want to sculpt things. Or paint or sing or play the piano. I want to play ball. He kicked his foot into the aging carpet.

I know. And you can for fun, but you need to find a craft youre good at to make a living. You can do both.

But why? he whined.

You know why. Its the law.

But thats not fair! Gerad pushed the canvas to the floor, where it stirred up dust in the light from his window. Its not our fault our great-grandfather or whoever was poor.

I know. It really seemed unreasonable to limit everyones life choices based on your ancestors ability to help the government, but that was how it all worked out. And I suppose I should just be grateful we were safe. I guess it was the only way to make things work at the time.

He didnt speak. I breathed a sigh and picked up the canvas, setting it back into place. This was his life, and he couldnt just wipe it away.

You dont have to give up your hobbies, buddy. But you want to be able to help Mom and Dad and grow up and get married, right? I poked his side.

He stuck his tongue out in playful disgust, and we both giggled.

America! Mom called down the hall. Whats taking you so long?

Coming, I yelled back, and then turned to Gerad. I know its hard. Its just the way it is, okay?

But I knew it wasnt okay. It wasnt okay at all.

Mom and I walked all the way to the local office. Sometimes we took the public buses if we were going too far or if we were working. It looked bad to show up sweaty at the house of a Two. They already looked at us funny anyway. But it was a nice day out, and the trip was just shy of being too long.

We obviously werent the only ones trying to get our submission in right away. By the time we got there, the street in front of the Province of Carolina Services Office was packed with women.

Standing in line, I could see a number of girls from my neighborhood in front of me, waiting to go inside. The trail was nearly four people wide and wrapped halfway around the block. Every girl in the province was signing up. I didnt know whether to feel terrified or relieved.

Magda! someone called. My mother and I both turned at the sound of her name.

Celia and Kamber were walking up behind us with Aspens mother. She must have taken the day off to do this. Her daughters were dressed up as neatly as they could afford, looking very tidy. It wasnt much, but they looked good no matter what they wore, just like Aspen. Kamber and Celia had his same dark hair and beautiful smiles.

Aspens mother smiled at me, and I returned her grin. I adored her. I only got to talk to her every once in a while, but she was always nice to me. And I knew it wasnt because I was a step up from her; Id seen her give clothes that didnt fit her kids anymore to families who had next to nothing. She was just kind.

Hello, Lena. Kamber, Celia, how are you? Mother greeted them.

Good! they sang in unison.

You guys look beautiful, I said, placing one of Celias curls behind her shoulder.

We wanted to look pretty for our picture, Kamber announced.

Picture? I asked.

Yes. Aspens mom spoke in a hushed voice. I was cleaning at one of the magistrates houses yesterday. This lottery isnt much of a lottery at all. Thats why theyre taking pictures and getting lots of information. Why would it matter how many languages you spoke if it were random?

That had struck me as funny, but I thought that was all information for after the fact.

It appears to have leaked a little; look around. Lots of girls are way overdone.

I scanned the line. Aspens mother was right, and there was a clear line between those who knew and those who didnt. Just behind us was a girl, obviously a Seven, still in her work clothes. Her muddy boots might not make the picture, but the dust on her overalls probably would. A few yards back another Seven was sporting a tool belt. The best I could say about her was that her face was clean.

On the other end of the spectrum, a girl in front of me had her hair up in a twist with little tendrils framing her face. The girl beside her, clearly a Two based on her clothes, looked like she was trying to drown the world in her cleavage. Several had on so much makeup, they looked kind of like clowns to me. But at least they were trying.

I looked decent, but I hadnt gone to any such lengths. Like the Sevens, I hadnt known to bother. I felt a sudden flutter of worry.

But why? I stopped myself and rearranged my thoughts.

I didnt want this. If I wasnt pretty enough, surely that was a good thing. I would at least be a notch below Aspens sisters. They were naturally beautiful, and looked even lovelier with the little hints of makeup. If Kamber or Celia won, Aspens whole family would be elevated. Surely my mother couldnt disapprove of me marrying a One just because he wasnt the prince himself. My lack of information was a blessing.

I think youre right, Mom said. That girl looks like shes getting ready for a Christmas party. She laughed, but I could tell she hated that I was at a disadvantage.

I dont know why some girls go so over the top. Look at America. Shes so pretty. Im so glad you didnt go that route, Mrs. Leger said.

Im nothing special. Who could pick me next to Kamber or Celia? I winked at them, and they smiled. Mom did, too, but it was forced. She must have been debating staying in the line or forcing me to run home and change.

Dont be silly! Every time Aspen comes home from helping your brother, he always says the Singers inherited more than their fair share of talent and beauty, Aspens mother said.

Does he really? What a nice boy! my mother cooed.

Yes. A mother couldnt ask for a better son. Hes supportive, and he works so hard.

Hes going to make some girl very happy one day, my mother said. She was only half into the conversation as she continued to size up the competition.

Mrs. Leger took a quick look around. Between you and me, I think he might already have someone in mind.

I froze. I didnt know if I should comment or not, unsure if either response would give me away.

Whats she like? my mother asked. Even when she was planning my marriage to a complete stranger, she still had time for gossip.

Im not sure! I havent actually met her. And Im only guessing that hes seeing someone, but he seems happier lately, she replied, beaming.

Lately? Wed been meeting for nearly two years. Why only lately?

He hums, Celia offered.

Yeah, he sings, too, Kamber agreed.

He sings? I exclaimed.

Oh, yeah, they chorused.

Then hes definitely seeing someone! my mother chimed in. I wonder who she is.

Youve got me. But Im guessing she must be a wonderful girl. These last few months hes been working hardharder than usual. And hes been putting money away. I think he must be trying to save up to get married.

I couldnt help the little gasp that escaped. Lucky me, they all attributed it to the general excitement of the news.

And I couldnt be more pleased, she continued. Even if hes not ready to tell us who she is, I love her already. Hes smiling, and he just seems satisfied. Its been hard since we lost Herrick, and Aspens taken so much on himself. Any girl who makes him this happy is already a daughter to me.

Shed be a lucky girl! Your Aspen is a wonderful boy, Mom replied.

I couldnt believe it. Here his family was, trying to make ends meet, and he was putting away money for me! I didnt know whether to scold him or kiss him. I just I had no words.

He really was going to ask me to marry him!

It was all I could think about. Aspen, Aspen, Aspen. I went through the line, signed at the window to confirm that everything on my form was true, and took my picture. I sat in the chair, flipped my hair once or twice to give it some life, and turned to face the photographer.

I dont think any girl in all of Illéa could have been smiling more than me.

The Selection #1 – Kiera Cass – Chapter 2


Chapter 2

I CRAWLED DEEPER INTO THE tree house. It wasnt much more than a five-by-five-foot cube; even Gerad couldnt stand up straight in here. But I loved it. There was the one opening to crawl into and then a tiny window on the opposite wall. Id placed an old step stool in the corner to act as a desk for the candle, and a little rug that was so old it was barely better than sitting on the slats. It wasnt much, but it was my haven. Our haven.

Please dont call me gorgeous. First my mom, then May, now you. Its getting on my nerves. By the way Aspen was looking at me, I could tell I wasnt helping my Im not pretty case. He smiled.

I cant help it. Youre the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. You cant hold it against me for saying it the only time Im allowed to. He reached up and cupped my face, and I looked deep into his eyes.

That was all it took. His lips were on mine, and I couldnt think about anything anymore. There was no Selection, no miserable family, no Illéa itself. There were only Aspens hands on my back pulling me closer, Aspens breath on my cheeks. My fingers went to his black hair, still wet from his showerhe always took showers at nightand tangled themselves into a perfect little knot. He smelled like his mothers homemade soap. I dreamed about that smell. We broke apart, and I couldnt help but smile.

His legs were propped open wide, so I sat sideways between them, like a kid who needed cradling. Sorry Im not in a better mood. Its just that we got this stupid notice in the post today.

Ah, yes, the letter. Aspen sighed. We got two.

Of course. The twins had just turned sixteen.

Aspen studied my face as he spoke. He did that when we were together, like he was recommitting my face to memory. It had been over a week, and we both got anxious when it was more than a few days.

And I looked him over, too. No caste excluded, Aspen was, by far, the most attractive guy in town. He had dark hair and green eyes, and this smile that made you think he had a secret. He was tall, but not too tall. Thin, but not too thin. I noticed in the dim light that there were tiny bags under his eyes; no doubt hed been working late all week. His black T-shirt was worn to threads in several places, just like the shabby pair of jeans he wore almost every day.

If only I could sit and patch them up for him. That was my great ambition. Not to be Illéas princess. To be Aspens.

It hurt me to be away from him. Some days I went crazy wondering what he was doing. And when I couldnt handle it, I practiced music. I really had Aspen to thank for me being the musician that I was. He drove me to distraction.

And that was bad.

Aspen was a Six. Sixes were servants and only a step up from Sevens in that they were better educated and trained for indoor work. Aspen was smarter than anyone knew and devastatingly handsome, but it was atypical for a woman to marry down. A man from a lower caste could ask for your hand, but it was rare to get a yes. And when anyone married into a different caste, they had to fill out paperwork and wait for something like ninety days before any of the other legal things you needed could be done. Id heard more than one person say it was to give people a chance to change their minds. So us being this personal and out well past Illéas curfew we could both get in serious trouble. Not to mention the hell Id get from my mother.

But I loved Aspen. Id loved Aspen for nearly two years. And he loved me. As he sat there stroking my hair, I couldnt imagine entering the Selection.

How do you feel about it? The Selection, I mean? I asked.

Okay, I guess. Hes got to find a girl somehow, poor guy. I could hear the sarcasm. But I really wanted to know his opinion.


Okay, okay. Well, part of me thinks its kind of sad. Doesnt the prince date? I mean, can he seriously not get anyone? If they try to wed the princesses to other princes, why dont they do the same for him? Theres got to be some royal out there good enough for him. I dont get it. So theres that.

But then…” He sighed. Part of me thinks its a good idea. Its exciting. Hes going to fall in love in front of everyone. And I like that someone gets a happily ever after and all that. Anybody could be our next queen. Its kind of hopeful. Makes me think that I could have a happily ever after, too.

His fingers were tracing my lips. Those green eyes searched deep into my soul, and I felt that spark of connection that Id only ever had with him. I wanted our happily ever after, too.

So youre encouraging the twins to enter, then? I asked.

Yes. I mean, weve all seen the prince from time to time; he looks like a nice enough guy. A snot, no doubt, but friendly. And the girls are so eager; its funny to watch. They were dancing in the house when I came home today. And no one can deny that itd be good for the family. Moms hopeful because we have two entries from the house instead of one.

That was the first good news about this horrible competition. I couldnt believe Id been so self-absorbed that I hadnt thought about Aspens sisters. If one of them went, if one of them won

Aspen, do you realize what that would mean? If Kamber or Celia won?

He closed his hold tighter around me, his lips brushing my forehead. One hand moved up and down my back.

Its all Ive thought about today, he said. The gritty sound of his voice pushed out every other thought. All I wanted was for Aspen to touch me, kiss me. And thats exactly where the night would have gone, but his stomach growled and snapped me out of it.

Oh, hey, I brought us a snack, I said lightly.

Oh, yeah? I could tell he was trying not to sound excited, but some of his eagerness came through.

Youll love this chicken; I made it.

I found my little bundle and brought it to Aspen, who, to his merit, nibbled it all slowly. I took one bite of the apple so he would feel like it was for us, but then I set it down and let him have the rest.

Where meals were a worry at my house, they were a disaster at Aspens. He had much steadier work than we did but got paid significantly less. There was never enough food for his family. He was the oldest of seven, and in the same way Id stepped up to help as soon as I could, Aspen had stepped aside. He passed his share of the little food they had down to his siblings and to his mom, who was always tired from working. His dad had died three years ago, and Aspens family depended on him for almost everything.

I watched with satisfaction as he licked the spices from the chicken off his fingers and tore into the bread. I couldnt imagine when hed eaten last.

Youre such a good cook. Youre going to make someone very fat and happy one day, he said, his mouth half full with a bite of apple.

Im going to make you fat and happy. You know that.

Ah, to be fat!

We laughed, and he told me about life since the last time Id seen him. Hed done some clerical work for one of the factories, and it was going to carry him through next week, too. His mom had finally gotten into a routine of house-cleaning for a few of the Twos in our area. The twins were both sad because their mom had made them drop their after-school drama club so they could work more.

Im going to see if I can pick up some work on Sundays, make a little more money. I hate for them to give up something they love so much. He said this with hope, like he really could do it.

Aspen Leger, dont you dare! You work too hard as it is.

Aw, Mer, he whispered into my ear. It gave me chill bumps. You know how Kamber and Celia are. They need to be around people. They cant be cooped up cleaning and writing all the time. Its just not in their nature.

But its not fair for them to expect you to do it all, Aspen. I know exactly how you feel about your sisters, but you need to watch out for yourself. If you really love them, youll take better care of their caregiver.

Dont you worry about a thing, Mer. I think there are some good things on the horizon. I wouldnt be doing it forever.

But he would. Because his family would always need money. Aspen, I know you could do it. But youre not a superhero. You cant expect to be able to provide everything for everyone you love. You just you cant do everything.

We were quiet for a moment. I hoped he was taking my words to heart, realizing that if he didnt slow down, hed wear himself out. It wasnt anything new for a Six, Seven, or Eight to just die of exhaustion. I couldnt bear that. I pressed myself even closer to his chest, trying to get the image of it out of my head.


Yes? I whispered.

Are you going to enter the Selection?

No! Of course not! I dont want anyone to think Id even consider marrying some stranger. I love you, I said earnestly.

You want to be a Six? Always hungry? Always worried? he asked. I could hear the pain in his voice, but also the genuine question: If I had to choose between sleeping in a palace with people waiting on me or the three-room apartment with Aspens family, which one did I really want?

Aspen, well make it. Were smart. Well be fine. I willed it to be true.

You know thats not how itll be, Mer. Id still have to support my family; Im not the abandoning type. I squirmed a little in his arms. And if we had kids—”

When we have kids. And well just be careful about it. Who says we have to have more than two?

You know thats not something we can control! I could hear the anger building in his voice.

I couldnt blame him. If you were wealthy enough, you could regulate having a family. If you were a Four or worse, they left you to fend for yourselves. This had been the subject of many an argument for us over the last six months, when we seriously started trying to find a way to be together. Children were the wild card. The more you had, the more there were to work. But then again, so many hungry mouths

We fell quiet again, both unsure of what to say. Aspen was a passionate person; he tended to get a little carried away in an argument. He had gotten better about catching himself before he got too angry, and I knew thats what he was doing now.

I didnt want him to worry or be upset; I really thought we could handle it. If we just planned for everything we could, wed make it through everything we couldnt. Maybe I was too optimistic, maybe I was just too far in love, but I really believed that anything Aspen and I wanted badly enough, we could make happen.

I think you should do it, he said suddenly.

Do what?

Enter the Selection. I think you should do it.

I glared at him. Are you out of your mind?

Mer, listen to me. His mouth was right to my ear. It wasnt fair; he knew this distracted me. When his voice came, it was breathy and slow, like he was saying something romantic, though what he was suggesting was anything but. If you had a chance for something better than this, and you didnt take it because of me, Id never forgive myself. I couldnt stand it.

I let out my breath in a quick huff. Its so ridiculous. Think of the thousands of girls entering. I wont even get picked.

If you wont get picked, then why does it matter? His hands were rubbing up and down my arms now. I couldnt argue when he did that. All I want is for you to enter. I just want you to try. And if you go, then you go. And if you dont, then at least I wont have to beat myself up for holding you back.

But I dont love him, Aspen. I dont even like him. I dont even know him.

No one knows him. Thats the thing, though, maybe you would like him.

Aspen, stop. I love you.

And I love you. He kissed me slowly to make his point. And if you love me, youll do this so I wont go crazy wondering what if.

When he made it about him, I didnt stand a chance. Because I couldnt hurt him. I was doing everything I could to make his life easier. And I was right. There was absolutely no way Id get chosen. So I should just go through the motions, appease everyone, and when I didnt get picked, everyone would drop it.

Please? he breathed into my ear. The feeling sent chills down my body.

Fine, I whispered. Ill do it. But know now that I dont want to be some princess. All I want is to be your wife.

He stroked my hair.

You will be.

It must have been the light. Or the lack thereof. Because I swore his eyes welled up when he said that. Aspen had been through a lot, but I had seen him cry only once, when they whipped his brother in the square. Little Jemmy had stolen some fruit off a cart in the market. An adult would have had a brief trial and then, depending on the value of what was stolen, either been thrown in jail or sentenced to death. Jemmy was only nine, so he was beaten. Aspens mom didnt have the money to take him to a proper doctor, so Jemmy had scars all up and down his back from the incident.

That night I waited by my window to see if Aspen would climb up into the tree house. When he did, I snuck out to him. He cried in my arms for an hour about how if hed only worked harder, if hed only done better, Jemmy wouldnt have had to steal. How it was so unfair that Jemmy had to hurt because Aspen had failed.

It was agonizing, because it wasnt true. But I couldnt tell him that; he wouldnt hear me. Aspen carried the needs of everyone he loved on his back. Somehow, miraculously, I became one of those people. So I made my load as light as I could.

Would you sing for me? Give me something good to fall asleep to?

I smiled. I loved giving him songs. So I settled in close and sang a quiet lullaby.

He let me sing for a few minutes before his fingers started moving absently below my ear. He pulled the neck of my shirt open wide and kissed along my neck and ears. Then he pulled up my short sleeve and kissed as far down my arm as he could reach. It made my breath hitch. Almost every time I sang, he did this. I think he enjoyed the sound of my raspy breathing more than the singing itself.

Before long we were tangled together on the dirty, thin rug. Aspen pulled me on top of him, and I brushed his scraggly hair with my fingers, hypnotized by the feel. He kissed me feverishly and hard. I felt his fingers dig into my waist, my back, my hips, my thighs. I was always surprised that he didnt leave little finger-shaped bruises all over me.

We were cautious, always stopping shy of the things we really wanted. As if breaking curfew wasnt bad enough. Still, whatever our limitations were, I couldnt imagine anyone in Illéa had more passion than we did.

I love you, America Singer. As long as I live, Ill love you. There was some deep emotion in his voice, and it caught me off guard.

I love you, Aspen. Youll always be my prince.

And he kissed me until the candle burned itself out.

It had to have been hours, and my eyes were heavy. Aspen never worried about his sleep, but he was always concerned about mine. So I wearily climbed down the ladder, taking my plate and my penny.

When I sang, Aspen ate it up, loved it. From time to time, when he had anything at all, hed give me a penny to pay for my song. If he managed to scrounge up a penny, I wanted him to give it to his family. There was no doubt they needed every last one. But then, having these penniessince I couldnt bear to spend themwas like having a reminder of everything Aspen was willing to do for me, of everything I meant to him.

Back in my room, I pulled my tiny jar of pennies out from its hiding spot and listened to the happy sound of the newest one hitting its neighbors. I waited for ten minutes, watching out the window, until I saw Aspens shadow climb down and run down the back road.

I stayed awake a little while longer, thinking of Aspen and how much I loved him, and how it felt to be loved by him. I felt special, priceless, irreplaceable. No queen on any throne could possibly feel more important than I did.

I fell asleep with that thought securely etched in my heart.

The Selection #1 – Kiera Cass – Chapter 1



WHEN WE GOT THE LETTER in the post, my mother was ecstatic. She had already decided that all our problems were solved, gone forever. The big hitch in her brilliant plan was me. I didn’t think I was a particularly disobedient daughter, but this was where I drew the line.

I didn’t want to be royalty. And I didn’t want to be a One. I didn’t even want to try.

I hid in my room, the only place to avoid the chattering of our full house, trying to come up with an argument that would sway her. So far, I had a solid collection of my honest opinions… I didn’t think there was a single one she would listen to.

I couldn’t avoid her much longer. It was approaching dinnertime, and as the oldest child left in the house, cooking duties fell on me. I pulled myself out of bed and walked into the snake pit.

I got a glare from Mom but no words. Continue reading

THE SELECTION – KIERA CASS ( #1 from The Selection series)




Khởi đầu của một series rất thành công do nữ tác giả trẻ Kiera Cass (5/1981) sáng tác, chỉ riêng quyển này đã bán được hơn 3,5 triệu bản trên toàn thế giới và được dịch sang tiếng Việt (sách vừa mới xuất bản gần đây). Tin vui cho các fan là hãng Warner Bros đã mua bản quyền hồi tháng 4/2015 để chuyển thể thành phim. Thông tin chính xác về dàn diễn viên vẫn chưa được công bố, nhưng chắc chắn sẽ là một dàn cast trẻ đẹp và tài năng ^^

            Mình sẽ đồng thời đăng phiên bản tiếng Anh và cả tiếng Việt (cho những ai ko có điều kiện mua sách hoặc muốn đọc thử trước khi mua sách về).

         Quyển một sẽ giới thiệu cho chúng ta một số nhân vật và mở đầu của buổi tuyển chọn. Hy vọng mọi người sẽ thích bộ này.

Continue reading

An Offer From A Gentleman – Prologue


Chapter 1

Everyone knew that Sophie Beckett was a bastard.

The servants all knew it. But they loved little Sophie, had loved her since she’d arrived at Penwood Park at the age of three, a small bundle wrapped in a too-big coat, left on the doorstep on a rainy July night. And because they loved her, they pretended that she was exactly what the sixth Earl of Penwood said she was—the orphaned daughter of an old friend. Never mind that Sophie’s moss green eyes and dark blond hair matched the earl’s precisely. Never mind that the shape of her face looked remarkably like that of the earl’s recently deceased mother, or that her smile was an exact replica of the earl’s sister’s. No one wanted to hurt Sophie’s feelings—or risk their livelihoods—by pointing that out. Continue reading



Dành cho những ai đã yêu mến bản dịch tiếng Việt của truyện này muốn đọc bản tiếng Anh nhưng ko tìm được ebook hoặc ko có sách gốc. Bản thân mình cũng rất đau đầu khi tìm link để down ebook hoặc đọc online, nhưng may mắn mình tìm được nguồn nhưng cách họ sắp xếp văn bản cực kỳ khó xem. Vì vậy mình đã copy về và làm thành file hoàn chỉnh để dễ xem. Vì tốn nhiều thời gian chỉnh sửa hợp lý nên tốc độ ra chap sẽ hơi chậm, nhưng sẽ sớm hoàn thành (vì mình cực kỳ yêu thích truyện này)

MỘT CHÚT SUY NGHĨ CÁ NHÂN VỀ TRUYỆN (nhớ kéo hết xuống để xem link dẫn chương và mở đầu của truyện nhé, đừng bỏ qua :v )

Continue reading

Hắc Đế Cưng Chiều Tiểu Thê Tử: Chap 65


Chương 65: Anh Muốn Gặp Hắn

Tĩnh Vĩ nắm chặt điện thoại trong tay, quay đầu nhìn thoáng qua Mục Triết Thiên. Trên mặt anh không biểu cảm, giống như những lời Mạc Thần vừa nói anh không hề nghe thấy.

Có thể sao? Không thể nào, không thể không nghe được, trong xe rất yên tĩnh!

Tĩnh Vĩ nôn nóng, đôi môi khô ráp, cô không biết mở miệng thế nào, đành nhìn ra ngoài cửa xe.

Chiếc xe chạy không ngừng, giống như không có điểm đến.

Tĩnh Vĩ cuối cùng mở miệng: “Triết Thiên, chúng ta cần tìm chỗ dừng lại.” Continue reading

Xin Chào…Tổ Tiên Của Anh! – Chương 12

quân quân

Chương 12: Học sinh chuyển trường

Nhân lúc Tần Húc Trạch thất thần, Hạ Thính Tuyết giật tay lại.

Cô cười hì hì, nhéo gương mặt cậu một chút, đổ thêm dầu vào lửa: “Em trai à, muốn đấu cùng chị hả, còn non lắm!”

Nói xong, cô ngửa mặt lên trời cười to hai tiếng, sau đó nghênh ngang trở về phòng học.

Tần Húc Trạch đỏ mặt đứng tại chỗ, lấy tay sờ sờ lên môi, cảm xúc khi chạm vào đôi môi mềm mại vẫn chưa biến mất…nhưng mà, cô gái đã hôn cậu, lại là nữ sinh vừa béo vừa xấu, thành tích siêu cấp kém Hạ Thính Tuyết…

………Tôi là đường phân cách ngỡ ngàng………

học đầu giờ buổi chiều là môn ngữ văn, chủ nhiệm Lý dẫn một nam sinh anh tuấn đi vào lớp học, toàn bộ nữ sinh sôi sục, hai mắt không ngừng bắn ra tia điện.

OMG! Thật là một nam sinh siêu cấp đẹp trai! So với lớp trưởng Tần Húc Trạch còn suất hơn nha! Continue reading